from sisters and brothers in christ

Links to media Elsewhere

We often come across videos and other media from outside sources that we are moved to share with our Hope community. May you be inspired by them as well. The YouTube links may come with advertisements.

  • The HAWAI'i Blessing

    This is the YouTube video for the Hawai'i blessing that closed our virtual worship service on Pentecost Sunday, 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was still ramping up.

  • 50-Nation Amazing Grace

    Christian unity in the COVID-19 pandemic through the singing of a beloved hymn of the church by people all around the world.

  • ELCA VOICES - Easter Hymn

    Christ the Lord Is Risen Today. Performed remotely by ELCA musicians and singers all across the USA.

  • Wartburg College kyrie

    The Kyrie was in Christian worship from its earliest days, the only part of modern liturgies still sung in Greek. We ask, "Lord, have mercy."